T-minus Two Weeks

According to my clock, less than two weeks left till Ironman Lake Placid.  I was out running today in the heat, and for some reason I flashed back to run I was doing back in the winter.  Sat on the trainer for two hours, got dressed up like I was going deep sea diving (including a Gore-Tex face mask to blog the below zero wind chill), and went out to run 8 miles.  Also thought about my first ‘long brick’ of the year, where I biked around 80 miles and then ran 6.  That was a rough one.  Now, cruising through 8+ mile runs after ride of 100 miles.  Quite the long road, but glad it is almost here.

I’ve always thought it is not about the race; it is about the training.  Training demonstrates dedication, character, discipline, etc.  I would like to say I have these qualities.  Some days are better than others.  But, overall I’m pleased with the training.  Longest week was around 23 hours of training.  Did that a few times.  Plenty of long bikes, sore legs, early wake-up calls, lack of sleep, and general discomfort.  Lots of hours on the bike riding in all kinds of weather.

For those not acquainted with an Ironman swim start, it goes someting like this:

Loads of fun.  Last year the goal was to survive the swim, this year the goal will be to swim the swim.  Major change in the equation only possible through the endless laps at 5:30am with the West Side SC.  Thanks for the laughs.

On my increasing media saturation front, I got interviewed by the local town paper, the Stow Independent.   The article is about the fundraising effort for Minuteman ARC.  Had a very nice conversation with the reporter.  As we chatted, it dawned on me how incredibly easy this all is.  Not easy by itself, but easy in comparison.  Recently, on a trisomy discussion list, a mother posted that her unborn child had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 (or Edwards Syndrome).  The nursery that they put together now may not be used.  And if it is used, might have to move the stuffed animals over for an IV, or oxygen tank, or some other medical device that shouldn’t be in a nursery.  But, throughout all this, they really just wanted to have some time with their child.  Ended up that their child died before being born.  After being delivered, they held him for a little while, and then had to let him go.  That’s hard.  That’s unbelievably hard.  Riding your bike in the rain is a diversion from stuff that is hard.  No complaining allowed.

Still time to donate to my cause supporting Minuteman ARC, at the following link.  And hug your kids.


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