Monthly Archives: December 2008

Spud’s Big Mess

This has the potential to be interesting.  Saw this sign at the mall when wife and I had date night at the movies

Kind of reminded me of this


Time Off?

4:38am.   I am supposed to be going to the pool.  But, instead I am going to be sitting here working on a paper that is due at the end of the month that hasn’t yet been started.  Well, parts of it exist here and there, but no draft.  I have a new course to prep for, a two day training to prepare for, some data that needs to be analyzed, and scads of other work-related stuff to do.  Welcome to “time off” for me.  Just ’cause I ain’t teaching doesn’t mean I ain’t working.  Hard to explain to people what it is that ‘academics’ do.

End of cross season.  Last race of the year I took third in another Cat 3/4 35+ race.   Seems all I was good for this year was third.  And that was after some faster guys upgraded.  Didn’t have that extra step or two this year for some reason.  Power was lacking to really put in hard efforts.   I then did the 1/2/3 race for laughs on the same day.  Thankfully, the 4 beer hand-ups saved the day because I was going backward fast.  Two races in one day when it is 20F isn’t such a good idea.  Just heard there is another race added for January.  We’ll have to see.  I am supposed to be out running at the moment, but the 2 feet of snow has kind of put a damper on that. Need to get back to the gym and the treadmill.  Did get out and XC skate ski once.  Awesome.  Did about 90 minutes without falling on my arse.  Yeah!  Going out again today.

Coffee is done, so we’ll leave you with one of the most underrated acts of the 80s, Adam Ant.

Freeze Gopher!